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Solar PV Modules

The Solar PV modules are used to convert the energy of sunlight into electrical energy. Each module consists of several solar cells connected together which generate an electric direct current when the sun is shining.
The modules are usually mounted on the roof or a freestanding framework, so that they can be aligned directly with the sun and, if possible, not covered by a shadow (for example by trees).

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Solar Charge

The electrical energy produced by photovoltaic technology can be used directly or stored in a battery system. The evenly charging of the batteries is monitored by a charge controller. In addition, the charge controller protects the batteries from overcharge.
Solar Charge systems and batteries of Aekosolar are durable and cycle-resistant products and usable as Off-Grid or On-Grid systems.

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Solar Inverters

The majority of all electrical appliances in household, office or commercial sector are operated with AC power. However, the energy generated by Solar PV modules is DC power. In order to make use of this DC power for AC devices, an inverter is required.
According to your energy needs, we calculate your inverter and all other system components as well as the required number of solar PV modules.

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    Solar Devices

    Our solar devices can be operated completely independently of the power grid and are portable. This is particularly interesting in remote regions and properties without power supply.
    We can offer solar TV´s, solar radios incl. MP3-Player, solar fans, solar fridge kits, solar chargers for notebook and mobile phones, etc.

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    Solar Lamps

    Similar to solar devices, solar lamps have the same advantages and power grid is not necessary.
    Particularly in the event of a power failure, solar lamps bring light into the dark. Solar lamps are affordable, improve living conditions and your small business or home becomes safer. Some solar lamps can also charge mobile phones and USB devices.

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    LED Lamps

    LED lamps have many benifits over conventional light bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL).
    In comparison to CFL, LED lamps consume up to 90% less electricity at the same brightness, are durable for 20,000hrs and above, without mercury, without UV and heat radiation. LED lamps are easy to replace and fit into existing sockets (pin or screw socket or tube lights).